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Reduce Contamination & Simplify Workflow

Envision ultrasound probe covers and scanning pads enable 100% gel-free ultrasound procedures. Envision viral barriers are activated with a sterile liquid requiring no gel, and can benefit clinicians and patients during ultrasound-guided interventions and procedures such as Thyroid FNAs, CVCs and PICCs.

Reduce the Risk of Contamination

  • Based on multiple clinical studies, ultrasound gel has been shown to harbor and spread infection.1,2,3,4,5,6

Simplify Workflow

  • The Envision cover is easy to set up with a quick-peel liner that safely adheres to the probe face, and clean-up is simple with no gel to wipe off the probe or patient.

Improve Quality of FNA Specimens

  • Several studies show the adverse effects gel can have on fine needle aspirations, such as interfering with cell visibility and causing widespread cell lysis.7,8,9

Covers/pads and bands are not made with natural rubber latex.

Peripheral IV Procedure Using Envision Gel-Free Ultrasound

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PICC Procedure Using Envision Gel-Free Ultrasound

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