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Automated Reprocessing for Ultrasound Probes

Posted by Erin Dougherty on Apr 2, 2018 1:19:50 PM

Introducing Automated Disinfection Systems for Ultrasound Transducers

With the steady growth of ultrasound combined with an increasing awareness of infection control practices, medical device manufacturers have recently developed automated reprocessors for ultrasound transducers. Automated disinfection systems help to standardize disinfection processes, improve staff workflow, and meet compliance standards – the sum of which improves patient and staff safety.

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Topics: Men's Health

Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Posted by Erin Dougherty on Jan 17, 2018 12:36:55 PM

Prostate cancer continues to be the second most common occurring cancer in men9. According to The American Cancer Society, the estimated number of new cases for 20211 are:

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Topics: Contrast Imaging, Men's Health, Biopsy

Can A Needle Guide Simplify Ultrasound-Guided Procedures?

Posted by Erin Dougherty on Oct 25, 2017 12:45:39 PM

Since their introduction more than three decades ago, mechanical needle guides have been used to assist clinicians in the accuracy of placing needles for a variety of procedures such as biopsies, ablations, peripheral nerve blocks, vascular access, joint injections, and numerous others. But can a needle guide simplify the procedure? Can they reduce procedure times? Can they improve clinical confidence? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, can they improve patient safety? These are some important questions, so let’s look at each one of them individually.

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Topics: Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, Interventional Ultrasound, Breast, Ablation, CIVCO, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Biopsy

What to Consider When Selecting Probe Covers for Ultrasound Procedures

Posted by Erin Dougherty on Sep 29, 2017 9:08:26 AM

While selecting the appropriate probe cover for your ultrasound examination may seem a rather simple task, there are several key points to consider in the process. Let’s start by deciding when probe covers are necessary, based on industry recommendations, usage classifications, and cover types.

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Topics: Interventional Ultrasound, Cardiology, CIVCO, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Men's Health