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A Breakthrough in New Ultrasound Probe Cover Research

Posted by Dr Jocelyne Basseal on Feb 13, 2020 2:42:32 PM

The required use of a probe cover for every endocavity ultrasound procedure has been well established by standards set by governing bodies and industry associations. And the use of an intracavity probe cover does not change the necessity for high-level disinfect or store the endocavity probes properly post-procedure.1,2 When considering which endocavity cover to use, questions that often arise include:

  • Are probe covers reliable?
  • What can or should be used as a probe cover?
  • Are condoms better than probe covers?
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Topics: Men's Health

International Infection Prevention in the Ultrasound Suite

Posted by Dr Jocelyne Basseal on Oct 15, 2018 9:25:46 AM

Prevention is always better than the cure!

Infection prevention is an ongoing patient safety issue that must be at the forefront of every healthcare worker’s mind.  Dedicated infection prevention and control (IPC) specialists are responsible for so many tasks within a healthcare setting – from risk analysis of an infectious patient in isolation, controlling an outbreak, auditing to ensure compliance to guidelines for infection control, educating healthcare workers on updated literature and providing tools to support a department to prevent an infection. But is it just the responsibility of the resident IPC specialist?

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