Optimized, Compliant,
Affordable Disinfection

with ASTRA TEE® and ASTRA® VR Automated Reprocessors for Transesophageal (TEE) and Vaginal/Rectal Ultrasound Probes

ASTRA offers a fast and compliant disinfection workflow at an affordable price, helping you to achieve:


Optimized Speed

Speed up your disinfection. ASTRA disinfects up to 2 probes at once, with a 10-16* minute total reprocessing time and no sleep mode.


Significant Savings

Cut the cost of your disinfection process. ASTRA helps reduce long-term operating costs with your choice of reusable, industry-leading disinfectants: UltrOx™ HLD (hydrogen peroxide), Revital-Ox® RESERT® HLD (hydrogen peroxide), CIDEX® OPA, and MetriCide™ OPA Plus.

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Compliant Workflow

Compliant Workflow Maintain compliance with The Joint Commission Standards. ASTRA’s automated data logging and consumable tracking removes the need for any manual logging, while clear, easy-to-follow prompts guide you through the disinfection process. ASTRA is approved for use with leading TEE and vaginal/rectal probes (including bi-plane probes up to 16 inches long).

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Why Choose ASTRA?

“We went with the ASTRA because of its dual probe cleaning function – that is such a time saver. We had 15 procedures last Monday […] that was record. But since we were able to clean two [probes] at the same time, we were able to do it.” 1

-Department Manager

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ASTRA makes disinfecting probes simple. Watch our videos to see for yourself.


A Suite of High-Level Disinfection Solutions

CIVCO offers a full range of products designed to protect, clean, transport, disinfect, and store TEE and endocavity ultrasound probes for a simplified compliant workflow. Partner with us today.


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